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Dr. Nicholls received his DDS from The Ohio State University in 1979. He also holds a pharmacy degree from Ohio State. Following his career in pharmacy, he opened this dental office in North Columbus and has practiced here for 30 years...

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We are conveniently located on Schrock Rd. in North Columbus between Worthington and Westerville.

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Tooth decay is the most common disease in the world, so odds are, at some time you will get a cavity, even if you brush and floss regularly. Decay won't improve on its own, and it can grow to damage your tooth's nerve and surrounding teeth. We provide composite resin and amalgam dental fillings to repair tooth decay and restore optimal oral health.

Because appearance is important, we can repair cavities with composite resin, a metal-free, mercury-free material. Composite resin can be tinted to match your tooth, so it will look like natural tooth structure.

If you need a filling, we will clean away the tooth decay, and then fill the cavity with composite resin or amalgam. we will harden the material and sculpt it to fit well with your bite. Composite resin fillings are durable, beautiful, and lasting alternatives to amalgam fillings, but we can help you decide which option will work best for you.

If you need a new filling or would like your dark fillings replaced with tooth-colored composite resin, contact us today to reserve your visit with Northstone Dental Group.

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